Sample photos of Canon EF300mm F2.8L IS II USM - lenz


Canon EF300mm F2.8L IS II USM
Min Focal Length
Max Focal Length
Filter Diameater(mm)
52 (差し込み)
Minimum Focus Distance(m)
Diaphragm Blades
an Angel floats by . look to see
It's cold but it feels oh so warm. look to see
Organic light art. look to see
Ijssculpturen. look to see
Fuut (Podiceps cristatus) look to see
Feet are aching, but at least it's sunny : ) - A N D R E W -
"Biddende" ijsvogel .(Alcedo atthis) look to see
Coot chicks - A N D R E W -
A moment... - A N D R E W -
Silhouette sunrise Kenya Mathieu Pierre
IJsvogel (Alcedo atthis ) look to see
World of thoughts - A N D R E W -
Lilac & Woodpigeon - A N D R E W -
Tichodrome échelette Oric1
Pastorale. look to see
Knobbelzwaan.Omgeven door zoveel fris lentegroen kon deze zwaan wel een wasbeurt gegbruiken. look to see
Speed. look to see
Ijsvogel met braakbal .( Alcedo atthis) look to see
Peasefull feelings .Meerkoet in een bubbelbad van gouden licht. look to see
Juvenile Whitethroat - A N D R E W -
Blauwborst in hemels ochtendlicht.(Luscinia svecica) look to see
Platbuik ( Libellula depressa) look to see
Aalscholver agressie. look to see
Fauvette à tête noire ♂ Oric1
I am the boss ! look to see
Weidebeekjuffer (Calopteryx splendens) look to see
Deer , trying to hide behind bokeh. look to see
The bokeh beyond... - A N D R E W -
The golden cow . During the golden hour on a misty summer morning on the borders of the Semois .. look to see
Orchid family : ) - A N D R E W -
Juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle Modestus Lorence
The King of bokeh. look to see
Female Eurasian blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) - A N D R E W -
Be welcome to my world of light,color and bokeh : Platbuik (Libellula depressa) look to see
Light my fire. look to see
The angry swan / De boze zwaan. look to see
Witgatje (Tringa ochropus) look to see
Bokeh-feest met crocussen.2 look to see
I can see you. look to see
Be welcome to my world of light , color and bokeh. Platbuik (Libellula depressa) look to see
Viervlek(Libellula quadrimaculata) look to see
The cat . look to see
Twee bokken in de regen. (Servus elaphus) look to see
Morning joy. look to see
Bokeh-feest met krokussen. look to see
Aalscholver (Phalacrocorax carbo) look to see
Grote karekiet (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) look to see
Eend in vroeg ochtendlicht. look to see
Bokeh Davehux
The longing for light. look to see


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